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Tel: (Philippines: International 011-63-45-982-4788/ 6120, 4388, 7830. 

In Manila call 982-4788/ 6120, 4388, 7830

How do I Get There??

Now that you've found us, getting there is just a few simple steps:

You can fly from the US using the following airlines:

Philippine Air Lines

Korean Air Lines
China Air Lines Northwest Air Lines
Continental Airlines        United Air Lines w/ transfer
Eva Air Lines     Japan Air Lines     

Discounts are available by using the services of  Microsoft Expedia. 

Membership is available through the internet for free. 

From the US or Canada and to look at or book online, go to   Another best deal can be purchased through LBC Mabuhay Travel (in USA).  You can call them at 1-800-241-1304 to get a rate quote and buy your ticket. Philippine Airlines offers non-stop service to Manila from San Francisco or Los Angeles.    Nobody else does.  LBC Mabuhay has a web page but doesn't have any fare information in it.   It's at

Flight time is anywhere from 12 hours (Philippine Air Lines) to 18 hours (Northwest Air Lines w/ stop over Japan).

Philippine currency is the official tender while in the Philippines.  You'll need a passport.   No visa is required for stays of 21 days or less. The US State Department Consular Information Sheet for the Philippines is at

Tarlac City is approximately three hours from the Manila International Airport (now known as Ninoy Aquino International Airport).   Arrangement should be made for the Hotel Resort to pick you up from the airport.   Rentals are available for approximately:

car. . . . . . . P1500/day  ($41)

Van. . . . . .  P1700 - P1800 ($45)

Local buses are available also for those who are used to the Philippine Transportation System, then get off in Tarlac City and call the hotel to be picked up.   Tel:  982-4788/ 6120, 4388, 7830

You may try your chance, if you're on a tight budget, to fly to the Philippines by using courier flights.  Go to:   or


From Australia:

While in Manila, you can use: