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About Us

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Rio Madera is here to serve those who do not want the pricey atmosphere of the tourist belt, and yet want a quiet, secluded place to spend their vacation in the Philippines.  All destinations are within a short distance away from Rio Madera.  These are the cool nights of Baguio City, the beaches of Bauan, La Union, the wonder of the Hundred Islands of Lingayen, Pangasinan and of course, the raunchy night life of Angeles City, Philippines.

We are also here to serve those Balikbayans from all over the world, who are traveling to the Central parts of Luzon.  Balikbayans have a special place in our heart and deserve the best there is that we can offer.  Oftentimes they are held back from coming to the Philippines by the lack of comfortable amenities for their families (masyadong siksikan sa bahay ni Nanang at Tatang at walang mapaliguan) So leave the worry behind and stay with us and make your vacation an experience to remember.